Things to do in Cambridge


Cambridge is a bustling city with several interesting places to visit and experience. Best known for its university building, the city is also popular for its many museums, pubs, excellent street food and dining opportunities. Travelers can also visit some of the green spaces of the city, its parks and the peaceful riverside where they can spend time relaxing.

As we visited Cambridge for a week, we discovered that the city has something for everyone. There are many galleries, which showcase some of the best pieces of art. You will find some of the best contemporary as well as classic pieces in the galleries. Theatre lovers fall in love with the drama scene as there are several dances, family and drama show held in the many theatres around the city. If you get a scope to visit the city during the Folk festival, you can enjoy all types of folk music by some of the most renowned musicians. There are many other festivals such as Secret Garden Party festival, Beer Festival and the magical Big Weekend festival.

If you are visiting the city and looking forward to things to do – here some interesting opportunities to try out!

Start with a walking tour of this splendid city and explore all the streets and pathways. A bicycle ride is equally enjoyable, as one follows the many cycle paths. Picnics in the parks or punting on River Cam are what many tourists look forward to when they visit the city.

There are several opportunities in the form of Experience Days, where travelers can enjoy their time. This is the best way to enjoy the hen and stag parties and treat yourself to some of the best goodies.

King’s College Chapel is well known for its lovely choral services.  Try to hear the lovely Choir of King’s College – it is definitely an experience for lifetime.

For all the foodies, the street food scene is quite beckoning. Grab a burger, any variety of veggie food, pizza, ice cream or schnitzel – sumptuous and delicious, you will simply want some more of it. Visit the food park night markets to enjoy some of the most authentic dishes.

Cambridge is not just about University and College building. There are several museums and entertainment zones in the city. Explore the city and you will love your time!