What to do when you visit Frankfurt

Frankfurt is rightly called the economic or commercial center of mainland Europe. It is one of the most visited cities of the world, dominated by skyscrapers. This is a global city, considered to be one of the most important centers for tourism activities and cultural extravaganza. The city is the host to a number of popular events which includes the famous publishing event or Frankfurt Book Fair. Tourists have a lot of things to do when they visit the city, besides visiting the gardens, galleries and fine museums.

Museums of The City:

A visit to Frankfurt is incomplete until you visit some of the best museums of the city. Senckenberg Museum is most popular for its life life-size dinosaur guard, which is strategically placed just in front of the natural history museum. There are several rare artifacts on display in this museum. Learn more about the history and culture of the city as you choose to spend time in the city. Stadel museum is another popular gallery which houses the best in European art from some of the greatest masters like Rembrandt, Cezanne, Rubes, Durer and more.

The Old Opera House:

The Old Opera House is situated in the heart of Opera Square and designed in the style of Italian High Renaissance. Once destroyed in a fire, the Opera is now reconstructed once more and is one of the best venues for concerts in the city. Spend an evening in a musical fiesta.

Do Not Miss: Spend a few hours in the following locations, to have a true glimpse of Frankfurt.

  • IG-Farbenhaus – Erected in the year 1931, this is one monument which you shouldn’t miss. This is the headquarter of IG Farben.
  • Old Jewish Cemetery – Tourists flock the cemetery to check the original tombstones which date back to the 13th century. There are several tombstones which lean at some crazy angles.
  • Main Tower – For a breathtaking view of the Frankfurt skyline, you shouldn’t miss the Main Tower. This is undoubtedly one of the most distinct and tallest towers of the city.
  • Stock Exchange – Built in the year 1843, this is the best example of neoclassical structure. You will love the porch which is decorated with beautiful allegorical statues.

As you move around the city, you definitely wouldn’t miss Romerberg which is the old central square of the city. This is the place, where you will have an idea about the city’s medieval core and how the city was at the times. For the foodies, there is a lot of offer in Frankfurt. There are several aromatic stalls in the city, in the heart of the traditional market. Roasted nuts, pastries, chocolates, cakes, breads, smoked sausages and cheeses are some of the best choices available here. Carry home some exquisite souvenirs from Romer and Handwerkskunt am Romer. Frankfurt is said to be the place from where you can buy some of the best handcrafted souvenirs which includes organ-grinders, peddlers, adorable smokers or incense burners and more.

Spending your leisurely hours in Frankfurt with your family and friends is always a treat in the city. There are several cafeterias where you can include some of the best burgers of the region. There are several world-class bars serving the best cocktails and wines from the region.